Diversity, Equity and Belonging 

We believe companies and organizations that are more diverse—and that readily adopt cultures of equity and belonging—are more likely to succeed. A corporate philosophy based on just principles inspires greater loyalty and a workforce with a diversity of backgrounds and experiences offers more perspectives and can better serve a larger range of customers. 

By attracting a more diverse employment base and embracing an organizational culture defined by acceptance, companies can be more competitive and better meet the expectations of the actual clients they serve.

Prisma Point works with organizations to help them understand the importance of applying an equity lens across all facets of their operations—including utilizing non-bias recruiting and hiring practices, creating more diverse corporate boards and adopting strategies that encourage greater supplier diversity. 


diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion matters. Prisma Point specializes in developing strategic plans for diversity, equity and inclusion which address internal and external issues and help organizations prioritize diversity initiatives. Prisma Point specializes in diverse supplier program development including outreach, education and training, oversight, and compliance reporting. Studies have shown that organizations exhibiting more culturally and ethnically diversity see better-than-average profits.

Initiatives that facilitate greater diversity not only provide economic growth and greater contracting opportunities for diverse companies, they contribute to the economic well-being of the communities where they engage in business ad also make good business sense. By attracting a more diverse employment base, companies can become more competitive, develop new markets and key partnerships and better meet the expectations of the actual clients they serve.


Helping energy efficiency providers adopt diversity, Equity and belonging strategies 

With extensive knowledge in the business dynamics of energy efficiency, Prisma Point is uniquely positioned to help utilities and energy companies build cultures of diversity, equity and belonging, and to integrate a more diverse vendor base. 


Our consulting services in diversity, Equity and belonging:

  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion strategic plans

  • Organizational equity assessment and recommendations

  • Supplier diversity program design, implementation and management

  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion education and training

  • Subcontracting plan and inclusion plan development

  • Corporate Board diversity

  • Diverse supplier sourcing

  • Oversight and compliance

  • Policy development

  • Metrics development to track and measure progress


Notable projects: 

  • Energy Trust of Oregon Diversity Strategy

  • CLEAResult Supplier Diversity Program

  • Nexant Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Strategic Plan

  • Energy 350 Diversity Strategy and Workforce Diversity